Questions to Ask Before Hiring an OUI Lawyer

If you have been arrested for operating under the influence, then you need to get an attorney for a proper defense. It is important to speak with several attorneys to ensure you get the right one to represent you and your interests. Before proceeding, you should ask some important questions during your consultation with the OUI lawyer.

What Are Your Qualifications Concerning Chemical Testing?

If you have been charged with driving while intoxicated, then there will be some form of test evidence to support the charge. It may be blood, breath, or urine. While the number produced by one of these tests has been recorded and entered as evidence against you, these tests are by no means foolproof. You want an attorney who understands the fallibility of these results. A worthy OUI lawyer will explain these tests and their qualifications without you asking.

How Many Cases Have You Won?

You need representation that is knowledgeable in the field. Someone who has a history of being able to win cases, especially when there is a chemical test involved, is important. If you have submitted to any type of testing, simply saying “I wasn’t driving” won’t be enough to win your case. When you ask, make sure you talk about the number of times the attorney has gone to court with a judge and jury and won. There will be times when the DA has dropped the charges due to collection error or offers a reduced charge because of how low the test results are. These should not be used to determine how successful he or she is.

What Should I Do Now?

You need to know what to do immediately. Your OUI lawyer will give you guidance on what to do in order to navigate this time. These cases are complex, and there will be a lot for you to do in order to prepare. During your consultation, you should be given some sort of idea about what you need to do to prepare. You should also be told what the possible outcomes are in order to prepare for every contingency.

What Percentage Of Your Cases Are DUI Related?

Just because someone claims to be an OUI lawyer doesn’t mean they are. This area of the law is very specialized. While some may represent a few cases a year, it does not make them experts. You should find an attorney who spends most of their time representing these highly complex cases.

What Are My Chances?

You may think you have an airtight case, but that doesn’t mean you do. However, a reputable attorney won’t give you a specific answer. Why? There is so much more to discover after the initial consultation that there is no way to give a realistic answer. Anyone who assures you that you will beat this without a problem is only looking for your money. Once you hand over a check, he probably will not look any further into the case. You want someone who will work hard for you while being honest.

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